Through exploration of civic needs and compassionate response, 我们的学生接触到真实的世界.

Our goal is to transform students into community leaders, dedicated to social action. There are community service initiatives planned throughout the year which are open to students, 教师, 管理员, 和工作人员. The projects we choose are based on the interests of our community, 想法总是有空间的!

社区参与 & 领导力发展机会:

  • 送餐上门
  • 体验萨尔瓦多传教之旅
  • 另类春假
  • 生命接力
  • 领导力演讲嘉宾系列
  • 充电器领导学院

If you do not find what you are looking for, contact 社区参与 & 领导力发展:845-848-4122

以下是一些可用的服务 & 领导机会.


超过12年, groups of 多米尼亚大学 students have chosen to substitute the traditional Spring Break experience with the opportunity to participate in a Disaster Relief Experience or an Urban Poverty Experience. 我们的学生为了春假放弃了放松, and opt to travel with a group of like-minded students to build with Habitat for Humanity and participate in living simply, 远离科技, 进行自我反思.



The 充电器领导学院 is designed to help emerging leaders learn important lessons in effective leadership. The program is for any student striving to improve their leadership skills for future roles on or off campus. 不需要之前的领导力培训. The program is a total of six sessions over the course of one academic year.

上课时间是每周五下午2点到4点.m. Applicants should make arrangements in advance to attend all of the scheduled meetings. Accountability and commitment are significant components of leadership. Successful completion of the 充电器领导学院 is determined by satisfactory attendance, progress, 积极参与.

The Deadline to 应用 for the 2022-2023 program is Wednesday, September 28th, 2022.


多米尼亚大学’s Food Pantry is open and available to all current students. We are located in the main hallway of the 沙利文图书馆. If you need help finding us, the front desk library representative will direct you. 有早餐食品, 快速食品, 还有在家做的饭菜,比如意大利面, 土豆泥, 和金枪鱼. Once arriving – you can fill out a form and provide any suggestions. 欢迎学生根据需要随时回来.

电子邮件:食品 |电话:845-848-5020或845-848-4122 | IG: @dc食物pantry请电子邮件 食物 安排预约

凯瑟琳霍华德校园食品储藏室 is an approved member of the Food Bank of the Hudson Valley.



At 多米尼亚大学, we are committed to caring for our community. 送餐上门 delivers more than just 食物 to our local senior neighbors. Our delivery volunteers help this population to live healthier, 更有营养的人在自己舒适的家中生活.


这种新的服务学习, 卡姆登罗梅罗中心的沉浸式体验, NJ是一个周末的社区志愿活动, 简单的生活和饮食, 参与反思, 学习, 与科技隔绝. Examples of possible volunteer sites are Habitat for Humanity, 城市的承诺, 食物银行, 汤厨房, 新泽西树木基金会, 社区服务, 和更多的.

The 周末服务 Trip will take place November 4  – 6, 2022


Experience 萨尔瓦多 is a collaborative program between 多米尼亚大学 and Molloy College. Our students work at a children’s camp in Sol Naciente, 拉尤尼翁的一个社区, 萨尔瓦多. The camp is for children ages 4-12 and takes place in the beginning of 1月uary, 在春季学期开始之前.


生命接力 is a meaningful event for the 多米尼亚大学 Community. We are committed to creating a campus culture that supports this important cause.

我们2021年的活动开始了 星期五,2021年4月30日. 今年, 我们筹集了6美元,500 for the American Cancer Society to support research and provide patient services. 点击 在这里 继续我们的筹款活动! 每一美元都会有所不同.

点击 在这里 了解更多有关“生命接力”的信息.


If you’re participating in a CELD program which requires payment, 请填写以下表格以提交您的付款.


Ifeanyi Maduegbuna是护理专业的大四学生. Ifeanyi generously volunteered her time this summer to deliver 送餐上门. She expressed that delivering 送餐上门 was a valuable experience that she would absolutely recommend to other students. “Volunteering made me feel like I was adding value to the community, and made me realize how needed this service is” – she stated.

Freshman Louis Rodriguez volunteered for all 3 sessions of our service activity where we packaged 10,为有需要的人提供5000顿饭. “I know how big of a problem hunger is in today’s society, “ he said. “Even though it seems like a minor issue in such a big place like the US, 到处都是饥饿,这是毁灭性的.” Louis also mentioned that “Volunteering is actually really refreshing because it gives you a new perspective on the things we take for granted from time to time.”

Melody-Rae Velez was one of our volunteers who made blankets for sick children with Project Linus for our United Way Day of Caring. Melody-Rae went above and beyond by making not only one, but four, blankets for children. Being someone familiar with spending time in the hospital as a child, 这次志愿者经历对她意义重大. She stated that imagining “the smile on the kids’ faces when they would retrieve them” made her try to make as many blankets as possible.